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About the Course

Erp is a revolutionary product which is involved in automating all the business activities in an organization. All areas of concern including the intelligence involved in supply chain logistics are integrated into the scope of activities which help in delivering a fool proof, risk free solution to the business. Customer relationship management(C.R.M) is intertwined with business intelligence to deliver unmatched services to the customer with efffective resolution time. C.R.M helps to extract factual data set and model business actions based on them. Even if your odds of making money are 50/50, an occasional analysis can convince you to avoid future risks. Risks can be avoided through a heuristic approach called financial analysis. Financial analysis operate on a myriad number of factors to device a action-plan at both individual, organization level.

This is an introductory course which drives you through all the real time activities happening around any organization, nation . Course structure is designed in such a way that the breakdown into revenue metrics, assesing the financial health of a monetary environment is understood in a clear and compact manner. At the end of the course people will learn to derive deep insights from complex data and realize various strategies involved in leveraging financial growth with development of any nation across the globe.


Why should you learn ERP, CRM & Financial Analysis?

Here are the reasons to learn them:

  • The drift towards rapid industrialisation has escalated the scope of activities catering to any organization. Financial health is a prima skeleton for goal-driven projects. Globalization, knowledge sharing across boundaries has changed the face of the whole world.
  • With inflation at an alarming rate and few signals of a global economic melt-down, equipping ourselves to an unpredictable, challenging future has become a necessity. Decision-making process at any level is now subtle and needs oriented analysis and research. ERP, CRM and financial analysis pipeline all the relevant stages which can help secure a safe future. All these tools help in understanding, what needs to be really done to promote sustainable growth, for example: How consolidating student loans, help you earn revenue in the future.

Class Venue

Regus, Naga Chambers, IIIrd Floor, Visakhapatnam 530002